Brick Underground’s guide to the best NYC short-term furniture rental services: Conjure, The Everset, Feather, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen | October 1, 2020 - 1:30PM 

Services like Conjure rent furniture for your home office, learning pod, or short-term rental for periods as brief as three months.


Short-term furniture rental services aren’t new to NYC, but there’s more interest in the Covid era because they’re a fast and eco-friendly way to furnish your temporary home office, learning pod, new apartment, or short-term rental.

Why rent furniture instead of buy? You can get stylish, functional pieces that fit your space without a commitment. It's also a more eco-friendly route than buying inexpensive pieces that can end up in a landfill or collect dust when things go back to normal, whenever that may be. Pricing depends on the pieces you choose and the length of your lease, typically three to 12 months, but it can be more affordable than paying full price for quality furniture. If you decide you want to keep the furniture, many of these services allow you to buy the pieces at the end of the rental period and apply your rental payments towards the price. 

Conjure, a furniture rental service that officially launched with a new name and $9 million in seed funding this month, says it has experienced an increased demand since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Monthly signups for their service have quadrupled since March.

Many short-term furniture rental services not only deliver your furniture but will also assemble it (if necessary) and place it where you want. Some provide design services if you need help picking out what works best for your space and apartment staging services. Keep in mind that some of these companies require a subscription or membership.

So, if you need to furnish your temporary home office, learning pod, or fill up your new apartment, here are five of the most popular furniture rental services available in New York City.

Parlour Side Desk, retails for $696, available for $101 a month for a three-month rental term or $29 a month for 12 months.


The lowdown: Conjure (formerly Mobley), offers designer-curated furniture below retail pricing with flexible options. You can rent collections or individual pieces from three to 12 months with the option to buy at the end of your lease term. Conjure has free delivery and assembly within four to seven business days. You can also swap out items if you want to switch things up.

What sets it apart? The Bazaar, a marketplace that has limited-edition home accessories and small furniture pieces, like art, books, and rugs, which are unique to each spotlighted designer.

Subscription required? No subscription is required. 

The bottom line: If you want stylish furniture that comes from sustainable companies that source materials responsibly, but you can’t pay thousands to furnish your place all at once.

Slim Angled Chair, available for $58 a month for a three-month rental term or $19 a month for 12 months.

The Everset

The lowdown: The Everset, a NYC-based company that launched in 2019, offers designer-curated furniture for three to 14 months or 24 months. They deliver, assemble, and pick up your furniture for free. At the end of your subscription, you can renew it at a lower rate or swap, return, or buy any of the pieces. During Covid, they are offering curbside and door-side deliveries if you don’t want delivery people in your apartment. 

What sets it apart? Once furniture can no longer be rented, the company donates it to Habitat for Humanity. They’ve also partnered with StuyTown, so residents get discounts and perks. 

Subscription required? A monthly subscription is required, which is a minimum of $89 in furniture for at least three months.

The bottom line: If you want flexible furniture rentals that also give back to NYC’s community.

Lorimer Desk, retails for $599, is available for $86 a month for a three-month rental term for non-members or $25 a month for 12 months for members.


The lowdown: Feather, which launched in 2017, offers furniture rentals through a monthly membership for a 12-month lease or you can rent for three months as a non-member. Members get discounted rates and free delivery and assembly. You can buyout your furniture at the end of your lease, your monthly payments are applied toward the buyout, and they also have rugs and art.

What sets it apart? Their style quiz that pairs you with furniture and decor based on your room size, budget, and style preferences. 

Subscription required? A monthly membership ($19 a month) gets you discounted rates, but is not required. 

The bottom line: If you want to rent your furniture for a full year, or need a little help with picking out what works best for your space.

Article Emil Mid-Century Modern Sofa, available for $160 a month for a three-month rental term or $87 a month for 12 months.


The lowdown: Casaone launched in 2017 and offers rentals for furniture, appliances, housewares, and even workout equipment for one to 12 months. You can choose a package or individual pieces and the company will deliver it to you in three to seven days. They also have design experts who will help you pick out your furniture and create 3D floor plans. A refundable deposit and soft credit check might be required.

What sets it apart? The fact that you can rent much more than furniture or decor, like dumbbells for working out, toaster ovens and microwaves, and even outdoor furniture.

Subscription required? No subscription is required.

The bottom line: If you need to rent home office furniture but also want to rent workout equipment to get back to your pre-Covid weight.

Simple West Elm bed frame, available for $79 a month for a three-month rental term or $25 a month for 12 months.

Rent Pronto 

The lowdown: Rent Pronto, which is based in Brooklyn, rents furniture from IKEA, West Elm, CB2, and other popular furniture chains. You can rent individual pieces, room sets, or apartment sets. You can rent for as short as one day up to 12 months. Depending on the size of your order, it can be delivered and assembled within two to three hours. They charge a $100 pickup fee at the beginning of your rental. 

What sets it apart? You can rent items from popular chains like West Elm for as little as one day.

Subscription required? No subscription is required.

The bottom line: If you really like IKEA furniture but don’t want it long term (or to assemble it). 


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