Would You Rather?

Are New Yorkers too cool for (living next to a) school?

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It's not true in every neighborhood, but quite a few ares of NYC are loud and busy. And we asked five New Yorkers which of these common sources of lively "city life" (ahem, noise and traffic) they'd rather live next to: A school or a busy restaurant/bar?

  • Far from the madding crowd I’d definitely rather live next to a school. I don’t like the idea of living next to a bar or restaurant at all. I hate that environment… bars, restaurants, clubs. Better a school for sure. —Faith, Washington Heights (pictured below)
  • The devil you know… I mean, I live next to a school now, so I definitely know what you’re talking about. The loudest thing is cars honking because they can’t get past a school bus. And school buses can be loud, too. But that’s not constant. It’s quiet on the weekends. I don’t think I’d want to be next to somewhere that was loud on nights and weekends. —Anne, Kips Bay
  • Bar or restaurant, definitely (despite the challenges) I looked for an apartment close to restaurants and bars! It’s really, really hard to stay disciplined and not just spend my money going out all the time. I don’t always win that fight. —Christina, Murray Hill
  • Yearning for learning I guess a school. I’d rather have learning going on around me than, you know, drunkenness. People being drunk and being loud, having a good, loud time… yeah, better a school that’s loud during the day. —David, Hamilton Heights (pictured below)
  • Out of necessity I guess there’s a noise factor to living next to restaurants and bars, but whatever. That’s just city life. Plus, I really need to be around restaurants, since I really don’t cook. —Jess, Murray Hill

Verdict : Education is key to most New Yorkers!