Suburbs vs. outer boroughs, NYC renters nab deals, & more

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New Yorkers who are ditching the city for the burbs are missing what outer boroughs already offer, one op ed writer says (Brooklyn Paper)  

Nightmare houseguests are a Hamptons staple, but pandemic visitors who won't leave are driving homeowners really nuts (Vanity Fair)

Lower rents spurred an uptick in Manhattan leasing activity in recent weeks, according to UrbanDigs (press release)

NYC ranks 22nd among the top dog-friendly cities in the U.S., per a SmartAsset study (press release)

Move over, King Kong. The largest bronze gorilla statue in the world is coming to NYC’s Bella Abzug Park on August 24th

Mayor Bill de Blasio pledges to make public schools safe to reopen, but there is growing demand to delay the start date (Gothamist)