The Brick Underground Podcast: Closing costs and a new downpayment solution

We speak to the CEO of Unison, a co-investment company that wants to share in your NYC condo or townhouse purchase.


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Like any big financial transaction, when you buy or sell an apartment in NYC, you have to pay various fees and taxes. These are the closing costs. In this episode of the Brick Underground Podcast, we get a bit deeper into the more practical side of buying and selling an apartment in NYC and consider these payments—not just what they are, but how they might affect your buying power.

In a slower market, you might also see closing credits—money paid to the buyer from the seller. Adam Stone, real estate attorney and founder of The Stone Law firm, helps explain exactly what they are and how they might be used. 

Plus, a conversation with the CEO of a co-investment company who wants to put money into your NYC condo or townhouse purchase in exchange for a share of the proceeds when you sell. Not everyone has a wealthy relative who's happy to help you buy an apartment. Unison's founder says he's "democratizing the rich uncle."

We have a profile of a buyer who used this financing program to get on the property ladder in Williamsburg, now we speak to CEO Thomas Sponholtz and explore exactly who this arrangement might work for.  

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