Would You Rather?

Which storage upgrade would you prefer: Walk-in closet or kitchen pantry?

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Practicality or luxury? Decent kitchen storage or awesome dressing room? New Yorkers know the art of compromising on space, but we asked five of them: If dreams came true, would you rather have a real kitchen pantry or a walk-in closet?

  • Walk-in sanctuary I would rather have a walk-in closet. I already have a little pull-out pantry, and that’s totally fine for my needs. But a walk-in closet would be great! It’s not just about storage, it’s about having that space to walk in and treat yourself. I’m a healer and I tell my clients that part of healing is to have time to look at yourself and feel good, and focus on your beauty. You can take your time and enjoy putting on clothes. To have that sanctuary, a place just for yourself. —Kiani, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  • A case of being Carrie A walk-in closet would be amazing. I don’t cook that much. I’m very much a “Carrie” [from Sex and the City] in that case. And I'm also a product of MTV Cribs, what can I say? I’ve always wanted to be able to walk into my closet, and see all my clothes hanging comfortably, not to mention visibly! I have great clothes, but you can’t really tell by the way they are squished in my closet now. —Cam, Upper West Side
  • One fine day I’d die for a walk-in closet, even though I kind of feel like I don’t have the clothes for a walk-in closet right now. It would be more for storage, which is kind of sad. I don’t really have the thirty pairs of Louboutin heels and collection of Michael Kors bags, and DVF dresses. One day. One day. —Melissa, FiDi
  • Walk-in pantry?  A walk-in pantry because I’m a food blogger! Or at least I have a blog and I cook all the time! I also style foods and I love taking pictures of them. So, when you do that, sometimes you just need a few non-essential, beautiful items. I have a lot of gorgeous dishes. And I love to have bowls of nuts in the picture. Or sometimes, you just want some sugared flowers, or a nice tea towel, or some dried fruits in the picture. Coffee beans. It would be great to have that stored and on hand. —Rachel, Upper West Side
  • Doomsday prep A pantry, would be more practical. A walk-in closet is a luxury. I’ve gotten good at disposing of stuff, and paring down my clothes. A pantry would be good for basics so I don’t run to the store all the time for pasta, canned tomatoes, soups, etc. I can cook a long time from just pantry stuff. Bring on winter or the apocalypse. —Michael, Harlem

Verdict: Clothes make the New Yorker (by a hair)


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