Would You Rather?

What's a better use of the long weekend: sitting in Hamptons traffic, or staying put in the city?

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Ah, Labor Day! The holiday weekend marks the official end of the summer (at least technically), and the last chance to get out of the city for a long summer weekend. But is it even worth it if you have to claw your way through traffic, or is now the perfect time to have the city (more or less) to yourself?

  • No Contest: City Wins! I'd stay in the city and sweat it out. The thing is, NYC's transit system is first class. It's really easy to get anywhere in and around the city, for a really low fare. And in addition, look what the city has to offer! You don't really have to go away anywhere. Anything here can compete with something that would take your time to go away and enjoy. I enjoy myself in the city...I like to cycle, and I bike all the way up to the George Washington Bridge, and beyond, all the way up the Hudson River Valley. - Elton, South Harlem



  • 'Belabor Day' Weekend? No thanks  Forget it. Stay here, or you'll spend half your Belabor Day weekend in traffic. And what's worse than enjoying a short, semi-relaxing weekend somewhere out there and then having to come back and spend hours in traffic trying to get back into the city? It's not worth it. We have a barbeque planned with other friends smart enough to stay here.  - Sylvia, Cobble Hill
  • Family Ties Trump Traffic Like a lot of NYC dwellers, I hail from elsewhere. And with limited vacation days and funds, the holiday weekends are the only times I get to see my family. I don't care what traffic there is (and I know it's going to be hell!). The city makes you feel disconnected from the outside world as it is. I need to get out whenever I can and more importantly, I desperately need to see my family. - Dana, Inwood
  • Get the Hell Out of Dodge Holiday traffic is hell, I know well. But I think it's important to get out of the city as much as possible, especially during the summer. There's something about summer that makes me feel like a kid who needs a break from the grind. So, here I am, getting out of city for Labor Day weekend. But this year, I'm not doing the usual trip to the shore somewhere. We're splurging on a plane ride somewhere cooler and quieter. If you're going to get out, go all out. - Martin, Harlem
  • The Secret Here's a secret for you: the city goes quiet for Labor Day weekend. I don't mean all the tourist spots and stuff. But seriously, if you live in the city, you'll be pleasantly surprised at all the quiet spots you can find. For one thing, my building goes super quiet. All the students are gone. Even the tourist herds thin because they have to go home, too. Stay put. Don't fight the traffic. - Donnelly, Morningside Heights

Verdict: We Heart New York City!


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