One CUNY professor has an adorable, eco-friendly house, just needs a place to park it

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Updated: 6/4/2015

Here's a new one: Usually Craigslist rentals come in the form of a call for roommates or a landlord or broker looking for takers for an entire apartment (or in some less-than-desirable situations, a dude hoping for friendship to share his studio). This post, however, was made by someone who's in the midst of building a house, but just needs the land to park it in — preferably in Brooklyn. 

The Craigslist poster describes himself as "very quiet and discreet" and is a PhD student and CUNY professor. If everything goes according to plan, the 8-foot-by-26-foot house that "is very beautiful, does not look like a trailer, nor an RV" and is "certainly not an eye-sore" will be complete in 2016, he told us. From the looks of the home he's modeling it after, we'd have to agree.  It kind of reminds us of an eco-friendly, modern bungalow

Plus, it's "100% off-grid," so no water, electrical or sewage hook-ups needed. If only we had some extra land.

Is this the future of university housing? Honestly, we've almost lost our minds looking for car parking spaces in the city; we definitely do not envy anyone who's looking for a place to park a house. Good luck, CUNY prof!


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