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Tough-talking Debi Mazar is a Brooklynite (of course)

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WHO:  Actress Debi Mazar co-stars in the TV series Younger, where a woman lies about her age to land a job. We would like to star in a real life situation called “Richer,” where we lie about our net worth and convince everyone we’re millionaires, buy a luxury penthouse,  then flip it before anybody finds out.

WHERE: Unlike her Younger character (an artist who resides in a Williamsburg loft), Mazar, who also stars in the upcoming Entourage  movie and alongside  her husband Gabriele Corcos on the cooking show Extra Virgin, lives with her family in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, where the median rental price is $2,800 and the median sales price is $1.04 million. (Her husband also just opened a small cafe in the neighborhood.)

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Last week's Take It Or Leave It subject — a $2,400 one-and-half-bedroom in a brownstone — is still available (and less than the median price). On the sales side, a $649,000 two-bedroom, one-bath co-op at 71 Ocean Parkway is significantly below the median price.


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