Have gadgets at home? Now hide them

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We get it: We live in a tech-heavy world. But unless we're talking about the impossibly sleek new Macbook, how to do so without turning your space into a den of gadget iniquity, replete with wires and plugs and other unsightly junk? SuperCompressor shared a handful of "home hacks," and we found  a few more:  

Courtesy of IKEAhackers, advice on how to mount an iPad to your cabinets for a low-cost upgrade that won't take up precious counter space but may also free up shelf space (no more storing unwieldy recipe books).

• Hate the sight of your wireless router? (Us, too. Someone get on that beautification project, stat!) Designer Ana Maria Munoz has this pretty brilliant tip, using a hardcover book and not much else.

Remodelista suggests creating a "docking drawer" so you can charge all your electronics out of sight. The straightforwardly named firm, Docking Drawer, makes power strips that work just right for this hack.

• Use a poster or painting mounted on a hinge to hide an electronic panel, says Bliss Bloom Blog.

• A sweater organizer stores not cashmere but a cable box and wires, suggests Marcie Reid Designs.


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