Attention, would-be renters: how to make your application stand out

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Think you’ve found the perfect rental? In the cutthroat world of Manhattan real estate, your application will likely not be the only one submitted for said apartment (especially during the busy spring and summer markets). Here’s what you need to do to make yours stand out from the competition.

  • Offer to take the apartment “as is”:  If you agree to take it without needing management to clean or paint it first, that’ll definitely give you a leg up.
  • Put a lot of money down: If you can afford it, offer to put down several months’ to even a full year’s worth of rent.
  • Offer incentives: Offer to replace the outdated kitchen appliances with new ones or to sweep and clean the lobby twice a week (if the apartment's in a small building). This won’t necessarily work, but it can’t hurt to put it out there.
  • Make it personal: Write a short but detailed bio about yourself that includes your interests, your hobbies and what charities you’re involved with. It gives a human feeling to what can often be a dry application process. Again, it can't hurt, especially  in a small building where the landlord is particularly invested in his residents.

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