Protect your walls from the Swiss-cheese look with 'Beehive' picture hooks

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It’s a small but annoying job for the New York renter moving apartments: filling the holes in the walls left from hanging pictures. (Legally, landlords can hold back your security deposit for even small holes.) But one father and son duo from Indiana are hoping to make the mover’s life a bit easier with their Beehive Picture Hangers, which they claim will eliminate unnecessary punctures.

The patented technology seems deceptively simple: you screw the hangers into the back of your picture frame, place the frame against the wall roughly where you want to hang it, and press the corners. A pin-like appendage makes a small indentation in the wall, where you then insert the Beehive “support pin,” which acts like a nail. The hangers have a honeycomb-like structure of holes68 in the original size and 143 in the larger model—so you can hook them onto the support pins, and adjust if the pins aren’t perfectly straight or expertly measured. Thus, no measurements, no crooked frames, and no extra holes.

Inventor Herb Bigelow, an art director, and his photographer son, Matt, are raising funds on Kickstarter, where a $5 pledge will get you a set of the larger hangers, which are good for a single picture. The hangers support up to 30 pounds, but can only be used on wood frames. (A version for metal frames is in the works.)

With about three weeks to go, the Bigelows are just a few thousand dollars short of their $42,000 goal, and they plan to make the hangers available online four or five months after the campaign ends and start selling them in stores in early 2016.


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